Limitation of This Research

  • Amateur math expositions

I am only an amateur math lover. I am not familiar with mathematical jargons nor am I trained in professional expositions. So the presentation might looks sloppy.

  • Still an unfinished work

I did not work out the analytical form of the inverse "$h$" function.

  • No intention to build a complete number theory

Due to the lack of professional math training, I did not try to build a comprehensive number theory to justify why the "$h$" function should be elementary.

  • I am not a professional programmer

I am not a professional programmer, either. Many of the functions I wrote is simply to validate whether my math thinking is tenable, and I was not able to solve some numerical problems. For instance, calculating an "$h$" function with a large power parameter requires some techniques of arbitrary precision arithmetic. I did not have such expertise, and instead, I only use the Matlab's built-in function "vpa". Similarly, the inverse "$h$" function is written with a primitive numerical algorithm. Because of these restrictions, most of the programs are only valid when the arguments are limited within a certain range.

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